3 Amazing facts about Online Gaming

3 Amazing facts about Online Gaming

The evolution of online gaming has a great history of genesis. The online games have thrived from the traditional layout to the technological advancements. Online gaming industries are one of the highest demanding 9club Malaysia platforms in the world. From fast few years, gaming industries are in the boom of epic advances. They are scaling in the speed of lightning and storming in every corner of the world. The online games are also contributing to a large scale to the global economy.

Since the progressions of the smartphones and comprehending technology from the last few decades are elevating, the gaming sector has witnessed the diversity and flexibility in every aspect of the games. The entire world is dragged down into the fist of technology and necessities and every corner of the world into the niches of online gaming. Here are a few amazing facts http://www.9club.asia/my/ that you must know about online gaming.

The most expensive game

The Grand Theft Auto V is the most expensive game designed and is in the market. The badge given as the most expensive game dates back to 2013 version of Grand Theft Auto V. A sum of $137 million was coasted to build this game, and an additional total of $128 was utilized for the marketing of the game. The game developers were celebrated in the market of gaming with lush of appreciation. The games apparently earned back the investment by making a profit of amount $1 billion in just three days of its release. The second most expensive video game is the “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (2009)”.

Female powers

Did you know that there are more female players than male players? The online ageing survey proves that more than 65% of females are into gaming than males. Isn’t it very interesting? Games, as it went into the urge of evolution, came out as one of the gender-fluid industries that are no more dedicated to boys clubs alone. The gaming these days are highly practical, complex, and involve very much personalized character that attracts most of the young minds to explore it and accept the geekiness of it. If at all you get involved in any of the conversations about the online games, you will have multiple areas of discussions like the niche of the games, score rates, leaderboards, and customary games and so on.

Most of the online gamers are now aged above 50

You will be amazed to know that more than 50% of the gamers are now aged above 50. It is because of the involvement of technology in the lifestyle. Technology has become a crucial part of human life. The older growing adults are incorporating the very essence of gaming hobbies as it is helping them to overlook into the booming gaming industries. Most of the senior citizens now play online games along with their grandchildren. And they say that gaming helped them to keep a calmness of life and their reflexes active.

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